New requirements for self-mailers not inserted into an envelope!

1) The maximum letter size for folded self mailers has decreased from 6 1/8” x 11 1/2” to 6” x 10 1/2”
2) Final fold at the top will no longer be allowed - as well as tabs at the bottom of the mail piece.
3) Two tabs at the top of folded self mailers are now required instead of the one allowed in the past.
4) Remittance envelopes must be inserted into the first fold of a quarter-fold self-mailer.
5) Quarter-fold self-mailers will need paper weight to be at least 70# for 1 ounce and 80# over 1 ounce.
6) For Three panel self-mailers, the mailing address must be on the center panel, with the final fold creating the non-address side (at the back).

Click here for the official documentation!
New self mailer referece

Confusing? Yes, it is! Let us try to help you understand this before you mail next year.

Intelligent Mail Barcode Update

The Intelligent Mail Barcode or IMB, is now the only barcode acceptable to claim automated barcode discounts. The old POSTNET barcode is no longer acceptable.

Also, the IMB is required on all Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM), Meter Reply Mail and Business Reply Mail (BRM). A mailer ID is also required to use this new bar code. If this is just one more thing you do not want to do, call us. We can help.

Phoenix Mailing has been using the IMB on outgoing mail for a number of years. For customers using a reply envelope within a mailing, we can help you get the proper Barcode.