You think you have all your ducks in a row. Now what?

Do you have a host of volunteers? We’ll show you how to get professional results while utilizing those volunteers. Do you want us to do it all? We’ll take the job from printing to fulfillment.

Do you have a favorite Printing company? Or, are you a printer looking to enhance your business with mailing, but don't want to invest in equipment? We work with many different Printers and value the relationship and confidentiality they have with their customers.

List procurement is a specialty. We can provide low cost saturation lists, map from specific streets and put together lists of people or businesses that fit specific criteria. We have been doing Every Door Direct Mailing for years. But until now, it was available mostly for political and government offices. As a business you can now use this important cheap postage form of malling. There are some basic requirements, but we can walk you through those.

We stay up to date on all the new Postal Regulations and are authorized to use the new Intelligent Mail Bar-code. We are happy to help design your mail piece to comply with postal regulations.
Go here for more information on self mailers.

To get the best returns on your mailing investments, put Phoenix Mailing on your team.