With our powerful software, we'll make sure your list is clean and virtually waste-free.

As you may have discovered, the US Post Office has unassailable regulations. Mistakes cost money. But if you play by their rules, you can save that money.

So that you can receive the highest possible savings, we can:

  • Import multiple lists of varying formats
  • Standardize & validate address elements
  • Eliminate duplicates and update moves
  • Sort for the best possible postage
  • Ensure USPS compliance

A clean List will save you money! We use NCOA (National Change Of Address) to compare your mail list to a list of registered moves maintained by the USPS. Your addresses are updated and processed using this cleaned list. Any addresses that show a move but have no new address are removed unless the customer requests they remain. As with any process that deals with population input, no form of address correction is 100%. But ours is the best you can do up front. We can give you ideas to do even more.

How long will it take your mail to be delivered?
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